The first problem to be considered in the bathroom ceramic tile should be the problem of anti-slip, anti-fouling and water absorption, and then it is beautiful.Paving pure white floor tiles, it was a good time when you first entered, but have you considered the problem of cleaning? How to choose the bathroom tiles, there are several standards I think you should know:
1. Water absorption rate The most important quality inspection of ceramic tiles is water absorption. It refers to the percentage of the weight of the inhaled water as a percentage of the weight of the product after the open pores of the ceramic product are filled with water. The national standard stipulates that the water absorption rate is ≤0.5%, which is called porcelain brick, and the water absorption rate is more than 10%, which is ceramic brick. Tiles with low water absorption are not easy, easy to clean, and not prone to cracking.
The bathroom not only includes the washing part, but also the bathing part, the humidity will be larger than other rooms, so the water absorption rate of the bathroom tile is lower, but it can't be 0, otherwise the tile will fall off easily.
 2.non-slip tiles are also not glazed, we are generally called whole body bricks. Needless to say, such tiles are naturally non-slip, and we can see them in many bathroom designs. However, the shape is single, and only a few tile brands offer other styles. There is also a glazed brick like this. This glazed tile has a good anti-slip effect and is also commonly used in bathrooms.

3. beautiful to the beauty of the tile should be considered here. Light-colored bathroom tiles are easy to see water stains or other dirt, like hair must be cleaned, otherwise it will look dirty, of course, you have to clean daily. In general, the bathroom will use a darker floor. This is a bathroom I designed recently. It is very simple. The walls and floors are mainly gray. The floor is a whole body brick. The anti-slip mat and anti-slip mat are laid. The dry and wet separation area is made to ensure the cleanliness of the bathroom to the greatest extent. The floor can also be used in gray. The whole is very simple and not so fancy. The wood-colored tiles are used to make the whole bathroom embellishment. A pot of green plants is placed on the floor, making the whole space less dead.

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