Tile selection for different spaces:
1, The kitchen and bathroom are characterized by a small area. Water or oil is often spilled on the wall. Therefore, I recommend that you choose a bright glazed brick as the main method, which is better and cleaner. The most common is the ceramic tile. The current mainstream specifications are: wall sticker 300*600, floor sticker 300*300, ground tile is usually processed into matte style, with anti-slip performance. Other practices are usually Mediterranean style, 150*150 small floor tiles on the wall; simple modern style, 600*600 specifications of antique bricks after processing on the wall; upper grade is directly used floor tiles (polished tiles, polished glaze, microcrystalline ) 800*800 or 600*600 specifications are processed and placed on the wall.
2, the living room is usually connected to the living room and dining room, the area is large, it is recommended to use 800*800 specification tiles. As for the choice of glaze or polishing, you can choose the characteristics of each brick in front of me. The most important choice is texture and price. The wear resistance does not need to be too tangled, often friends ask me what brick is the most wearable, I want to wear. In fact, the concept of wear resistance is only relative. If the urban family enters the house and changes shoes, it is often cleaned. Whether it is polishing, glazing or microcrystalline, there is no problem in using it. The most important thing to note is that after plastering, you must use gypsum board or carton to protect the ground. During this period, when the tile is most easily scratched, it must be taken seriously.
3, the bedroom bedroom is relatively small, as a rest area needs to create a relaxed and comfortable environment, it is recommended not to choose too fancy or complex texture tiles, you can choose 800 * 800 or 600 * 600 specifications. In addition, it is also very popular to use 150*600 imitation wood floor tiles to lay the bedroom. Many brands have the effect and texture comparable to solid wood flooring.
4, TV wall TV wall needs to be designed according to the size, usually used specifications are 800 * 800, 600 * 600, 1200 * 600, there will be 400 * 400 processed diamond diagonal paving, the surrounding of the brick will be wrapped with various materials Side, for example: water transfer lines, granite, natural stone lines, mirrors, mosaics, etc. Brick seams can be made with beautiful seams and pressed with various edge strips to see personal preferences.
5, the balcony to choose the size according to the area, usually 300*300 ceramic tiles or 600*600 antique bricks and polished tiles.