Ceramic tile shop decoration is a very important part of the tile sales process, because the product display will directly affect the tile sales. The renovation of the tile shop is also a process that every tile dealer must undergo. There are several types of tile shop decoration product display areas:
1. Division by brand
Since many stores represent multiple brands, and each brand has its own decoration style, when the decoration is completed, the area is designed by the brand to decorate the decoration.
2. Divide the area by product category
Common divisions: polished tiles, full polished glaze, microcrystalline stone, antique bricks, exterior wall tiles, wall tiles, small floor tiles, mosaics, art bricks, handmade bricks, etc. This division is beneficial to customers who already have plans to purchase which categories. For example, when some customers enter the store, they want to buy the exterior wall tiles. At this time, they can directly take them to the exterior wall display area.
3. Divided by application area
For example: floor tile display area (including: polished tiles, full polished glaze, marble tiles, microcrystalline stone, antique floor tiles), wall tile display area, exterior wall brick display area, engineering brick display area (square brick, supermarket brick, municipal brick) , refractory bricks, etc.), sheet display area and so on.
4. Divide the area by product sales price
According to the sales price per square of the product, the regional display, such as: 50-80 yuan / square area, 80-120 yuan / square area. This method of dividing area display is considered from the perspective of consumers. It is generally used in tile supermarkets. There are many products, and the products are separated by price, which is beneficial to consumers to purchase. Customers can directly choose according to their own purchasing budget. .
5. Divide the area by the place of use
It is displayed in places where tiles are used in life, such as living room, bathroom, kitchen, cafe, tea house, background wall, balcony, outdoor plaza, etc. This kind of display is convenient for customers to purchase directly according to different brick places to their respective areas, which is faster. For example, customers who want to buy bricks in the living room can go directly to the brick area in the living room to buy. The area displays tiles for living rooms such as polished tiles and marble tiles.
6, divided by the tile production area
At present, there are many production areas of ceramic tiles, and some consumers have certain requirements for the production areas. For example, some customers prefer to import bricks, and then they can go to the imported brick display area to purchase. Dividable areas: imported bricks (Italy, Spain, etc.), Guangdong production areas, Shandong production areas, Fujian production areas, Jiangxi production areas, Sichuan production areas, Hubei production areas, Hunan production areas, Hebei production areas, Henan production areas, etc. .
In the actual ceramic tile display, it is possible to use more than one of the divided areas, and most of them are used in combination of two or more. For example: brand division and product category division combined use. In a store, there will be a brand main, the brand will be a monopoly area, and the integrated area will be divided into areas according to product categories. How to divide the specific tile shop decoration area depends on the size of the store, the agent brand and the type of distribution products.