Stone showcases and stone display stands are everywhere in the exhibition halls, so what is the difference between two furniture with similar names? Still, the two are meant to be one. Here we take this question, let us look at the difference between the showcase and the display stand? The showcase is a fixed business place for storefronts, such as gold, silver, matte black, magenta, gray and many other colors. Because of its size and weight restrictions, it is generally fixed in the store to display goods, generally made of wood baking varnish, the requirements of the process is relatively high, especially the stone showcase needs a boutique showcase to be perfect Show the characteristics of stone.
First, the same point:
1. The stone display stand and the showcase have the same purpose as their names. At trade fairs or fairs, etc., we will use display stands or showcases. At this time, the exhibition stand and the showcase are all playing the role of display, showing the products we want to display in an all-round way, giving people the opportunity to understand and recognize.
2. The material of the display rack is stainless steel and wooden, and the wooden display rack is the same as the showcase. The materials of the showcase are mostly composed of solid wood and glass windows.
Second, the difference:
1. The exhibition stand can be said to be a hollow showcase. The display stand has far more functions than the showcase. Because the display rack is a hollow design, it is more comprehensive when the items are displayed, so that people can understand more thoroughly. The effect of the showcase on the display is far less than the display rack. People can only watch the front of the items in the showcase, and the back is invisible.
2, The use of the two has a clear difference, the display rack is mainly used for merchandise display, such as promotional meetings, trade fairs, generally in the display, but also on the display rack posted business LOGO, advertising effect. While the showcases are mostly used in conferences and fairs, the showcases are more conservative than the display stands, so they appear to be more stable, suitable for displaying some corporate image representative items, or for museum display items.
According to the characteristics of the display rack, the matching product promotion boutique display rack, coupled with the creative LOGO signage, makes the product stand out in front of the public, thus increasing the role of advertising on the product. The boutique display rack can display the characteristics of the products in an all-round way, rich accessories, and each component can be recorded and installed, a variety of colors, boutique display racks eclipse the traditional facilities, the difference between the showcase and the display rack is introduced here. I hope to see the above contents, and everyone has a clearer understanding of the display racks and showcases.