Highlighting traditional limitations in the creative design of ceramic tile display racks involves acknowledging past constraints while introducing innovative solutions. Here's how you might approach it:

1. **Recognize Historical Constraints:** Start by acknowledging the limitations or challenges traditionally faced in ceramic tile display racks, such as fixed configurations, lack of flexibility, or standardized designs that might not accommodate diverse tile sizes or styles effectively.

2. **Emphasize Evolution:** Highlight how the design landscape has evolved by introducing creative solutions that break away from these limitations. Discuss how modern display racks have overcome traditional constraints through customizable configurations, adaptable layouts, or innovative materials that address the shortcomings of the past.

3. **Customization and Flexibility:** Emphasize the importance of customization and flexibility in design. Showcase how modern racks allow for adjustable shelving, modular components, or adaptable arrangements, enabling a wide range of tile sizes, patterns, and styles to be displayed creatively.

4. **Aesthetics and Functionality:** Discuss how contemporary designs marry aesthetics with functionality. Highlight the incorporation of sleek, stylish elements that not only enhance the visual appeal of the racks but also ensure efficient use of space and easy access to displayed tiles.

5. **Technology Integration:** Introduce how technology has been integrated into display racks to overcome traditional limitations. For instance, interactive displays, digital screens, or lighting innovations that accentuate tile features and engage customers in new ways.

6. **User Experience Enhancement:** Focus on how modern design addresses user experience. Talk about customer-centric features such as better visibility, interactive elements, or engaging presentations that were lacking in traditional designs.

7. **Sustainability and Material Innovation:** Discuss advancements in materials used for display racks, emphasizing sustainability, durability, and the incorporation of eco-friendly materials to address both functional and environmental concerns.

By acknowledging historical limitations and showcasing how contemporary designs have evolved to address and surpass these constraints, you can effectively highlight the innovative aspects and improvements in the creative design of ceramic tile display racks.